What Are the Benefits of Using a Voice over Internet Service?

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Technology: without a doubt, it has become the backbone of any successful business. Consider, any company looking to tap into the $1.5 trillion eMarketer estimates web users will spend online annually from 2014 onward needs a reliable website hosting and design service. Beyond web hosting, companies need to consider structural technology services to help safeguard their IT infrastructures again ever more aggressive cybercriminals. In other words, technology is everything in the world of business.

No form of business technology is more important, perhaps, than that which allows businesses to better communicate with their clients and business partners. Voice over Internet services, more commonly referred to as VoIP, have emerged as the number one way to improve business-to-business and business-to-client communications, while saving businesses a ton of money in the process.

How Voice over Internet Providers Can Help Improve Your Company

  • Much Lower Costs
  • As About.com writes, when you use a Voice over Internet service, you only need worry about paying your internet bill and a usage-based VoIP service fee. That’s it. There are no hidden technology costs or the looming need to buy a new PBX cabinet for the office. This in itself saves businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    Of course, one of the biggest VoIP savings comes from the fact that calls are made online. Since there are no geographically locked portions of the internet, all calls made from VoIP line to VoIP line cost the same. This translates directly into domestic and international calls that are as much as 40% and 90% cheaper, respectively.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol Means Having More Than Phone Service
  • One of the best things about using Voice over Internet is that these services don’t just come with telephony capabilities, as Tech Republic details. The best VoIP services offer easy conferencing functionality, voicemail to email features, built-in hold systems, and much more. In other words, VoIP is multiple business technologies in one.

  • VoIP Goes Where You Go
  • The rise of mobile technology has given your clients and business partners the expectation that they can reach you at all hours of the day, no matter where you go. As The Houston Chronicle points out, VoIP gives businesses this capability. VoIP systems can be configured to send business phone calls directly to your smartphone, tablet, home PC, or laptop, meaning you never have to worry about missing an important phone call again.

What other advantages has VoIP brought to your company? Let us know in the comments below!

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