When a computer stops working, there are three kinds of reactions people can have. One is to freak out, throw your hands up in the air, and panic. This option has a lot of flair but in most cases the computer stays broken. Option two: use your extensive computer knowledge to fix the problem with ease and alacrity. This option results in the computer being repaired in 100% of cases, but requires an extensive and constantly renewing wealth of technical knowledge that you probably don’t have. Friends, there is a third way: use the internet to look up the solution to your problem, and apply that information. This third way is the one that I, Craig Packard, use in almost every scenario, and it has done right by me again and again. I’ve found that video tutorials work the best for my style of learning, so I’ve compiled here all of the most useful computer repair videos that have ever helped me out of a tight spot. I hope you can find as much benefit from these heroic videos as I did.

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