Undeniable Proof That Business Hosted VoIP Can Improve Your Company

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Hosted VoIP phone systems have quickly become some of the most reliable, most popular telephony options for businesses across the world. In the United Kingdom alone, 4.17 million people have subscribed to hosted VoIP services. Internationally, the industry for hosted VoIP solutions grew by 12.9% per year from 2009 to 2014. Hosted VoIP technology, once thought to be the solution of the future, is quite clearly the solution of today.

Even with the growing prevalence of VoIP, not everyone is convinced that they should hop on-board. However, especially if you run a company, making the leap to business hosted VoIP can mean great things for both your financial well-being and productivity. Not sold? Here are three ways business hosted VoIP can bring success to your business.

Why Your Business Should Switch to Business Hosted VoIP

  1. Hosted VoIP Services Offer Huge Savings
  2. As Computer World points out, business hosted VoIP services are able to offer businesses high quality telephony services at a fraction of the cost of traditional landline companies. How? It’s all data on the web. There are no long distance or local calls — it’s just data. After Grant Thornton, a well known international auditing and accounting firm, switched to VoIP, they saved $800,000 — in the first year.

  3. No Need to Waste Money or Space on Special Equipment
  4. TMCNet.com, a popular technology news website, writes that many businesses like that they don’t have to purchase any special equipment to properly use a VoIP solution. If you have a microphone and a computer, that’s often enough to use this technology. If not, VoIP providers are known to provide VoIP conversion adapters for regular phones as part of their plans. This means you don’t have to spend money on any expensive in-house PBX units or have to worry about finding space for the hardware.

  5. Greater Business Mobility
  6. You know how annoying it is to have to hang around your office phone all day just to wait for a call that may never come? The Houston Chronicle details the fact that business hosted VoIP services banish that need from your professional life forever. The best VoIP systems can be set up to send phone calls to your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, meaning no matter where you are, you can make sure you never miss an important phone call again.

And what about your business? What is the biggest advantage you’ve seen since making the jump to business hosted VoIP? Great references here.

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