Three Benefits of Using Mobile Healthcare Apps

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Did you know that one of the goals of HIPAA is to make medical and healthcare information standard across multiple providers and channels? HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed in 1996, and it designed national standards for electronic healthcare transactions. Recently, texting mobile apps have become a common way to transmit healthcare information, and this form of communication is safe when it follows HIPAA guidelines. There are several benefits of secure HIPAA messaging, as it allows for safe text messaging in healthcare settings.

1. Safe. The main goal of HIPAA secure texting is to keep all medical information private when it is communicated via mobile device. Fortunately, HIPAA accomplishes this by encrypting the data, and once the recipient receives the information, the data becomes decrypted so that the person can read it. By taking this extensive security measure, HIPAA protects sensitive healthcare information.

2. Reliable. Although information is sent over HIPAA-compliant mobile apps via text message, these apps are reliable. This is because many mobile healthcare apps come with emergency access, backup, and archiving features. As a result, all important information transmitted via text message can be safely stored, which means this information will never go missing.

3. Cost-efficient. Text messaging in healthcare settings is an economical option. In fact, President Barack Obama signed the HITECH act in 2009, which provides $27 billion in monetary incentives for digital health record use. This means that by using mobile healthcare apps, you may receive financial compensation in return.

There are several benefits of HIPAA messaging. Not only is secure text messaging in healthcare settings safe and reliable, but it is also cost-efficient, as well. As a result, using HIPAA-compliant mobile apps will allow you to run your medical office more efficiently.

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