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As of 2011, according to the U.S. Census, just over three quarters of all households reported having a computer. This represents a major change in times, since less than 10% had a computer in 1984. Though computers are obviously far more accessible and easy-to-use today than ever before, all kinds of computer software problems and other issues could arise that owners simply do not know how to fix. Without training or experience, diagnosing computer problems could be almost impossible, even with a lot of research. Fortunately, there are multiple companies that offer home computer repairs.

There are several different options for computer owners when they need home computer repairs. For many, the simplest choice is the Geek Squad, which has locations all over the country. They might be easiest to use because they allow you to chat with agents online and ask all sorts of questions. However, there are all kinds of reports online and horror stories – some of them even from former employees – about how they ripped customers off. So using search engines to try to find local experts might be a better option, even if it takes a little bit more work.

One of the most common computer problems that owners have to deal with is viruses that slow down or disrupt a system completely. While there are lots of antivirus and spyware prevention programs out there, the simple click of a button that starts a virus download could have serious consequences. Since it can be impossible for people with no training to figure out how to remove the virus, calling specialists is often a must. They will be able to search every corner of a hard drive to find and eliminate the virus and get a computer back to its regular working condition.

In addition, computer driver problems cause all sorts of issues. Some users might have trouble with a printer, mouse, external hard drive, or even their computer screen because drivers simply are not working properly. Like viruses, it can be difficult enough for the inexperienced to diagnose the driver problem, let alone fix it. This means that calling in an expert is an absolute must. For the most part, they will be able to quickly figure out which driver is malfunctioning and find a way to repair it.

Sometimes, however unfortunately, even the most talented experts in home computer repairs will be unable to fix a problem. In fact, there are some viruses so potent that you might have to just go out and replace the hard drive, if not buy a new computer. So it is a good idea to get a repair done at the first sign of trouble. Doing so can go a long way towards making sure your computer continues to perform properly.

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