Responsive Web Design Equals Profits For Your Company

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The explosion of smartphones and mobile devices has changed the way we do business. More than half of all Americans own a smartphone, and about 67% of them use their phone to research products and make purchases online. Pew Research also shows that more than a quarter of users only use their smartphones to go online, a fact that makes it easy to believe why mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop and laptop internet usage in 2014.

As a result, businesses are forced to focus a large portion of their marketing and advertising attention online. They have to find innovative ways to reach out to consumers using online marking strategies, such as high quality web design and search engine optimization.

But it is not just enough to design a website, and expect users to continue to visit the site. The website must be compatible with any kind of mobile, especially with the influx of mobile devices in every corner of the world. IPad, iPhone, and tablet users want to be able to go to a website on their mobile device and browse with as much ease as they would on their laptop. This means that the website must be mobile optimized using responsive web design.

Responsive web design offers website designers a way to build a site that can be panned, scrolled and re-sized according to the viewing device. In other words, a smartphone user does not have to squint to see an entire website on their browser. Instead, the website automatically adjusts its text, images, and features to accommodate the size of the viewer’s screen. This is critical to sustaining customers, as 67% of users say that they are more inclined to buy products from a site that is mobile-optimized.

Another advantage of responsive web design is that it can raise your search engine rankings on Google. Search is the second most popular internet activity, and millions of users conducts searches every day. Only about 25% of people ever scroll beyond the first page of results on a search engine, and subsequently, a low search engine ranking can render a website virtually invisible to the majority of users. Google is also recommending responsive design, and since they are the top search engine in the world, following their advice would be beneficial.

The importance of responsive design will become more apparent as mobile device technology continues to develop. People will always be looking for a faster, more efficient way to research and purchase products online. With the help a top web designer and smart internet marketing strategies, any business can remain competitive among the masses of companies vying for consumer attention. More info like this:

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