Implementing New Software into Your Business? Make It Easier with These Tips

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According to Aberdeen research, 70% of the top businesses in the world use ERP solutions to improve their order-to-cash turnover; to better manage timekeeping and payroll for their employees; and to better manage company policy on a wide range of subjects. With 52% of businesses reporting that ERP software has increased their cash flow and allowed them to make better business decisions, this really shouldn’t be surprising.

Of course, as any one of those businesses now finding success with ERP accounting software can tell you, the road from purchasing easy accounting software to benefiting from it can be either long and challenging or short and simple; it’s all about how you approach the implementation of your new HR software solutions. Follow these tips for smoother implementation, and you’ll greatly cut down on time and money lost from adaptation, enabling you to start reaping the rewards much sooner.

Three Tips for Easing Implementation of Your New HR System

  1. Outline an Implementation Schedule
  2. For Tech Target, few things are as essential to successful implementation as a disciplined schedule and structure for your new software. Between now and complete implementation, what do you want to accomplish, and when do you want to accomplish it? Will you go for full implementation or phased? Take all of these things into account to greatly improve the ease of implementing your easy accounting software.

  3. Get All of Your Employees Involved in Training
  4. As Super Office, a blog on customer service and human resources, writes, getting all of your employees trained on your new HR software can greatly reduce any usage issues you have. It may seem that only your HR team should need to know how to use your new easy accounting software, but especially if you’re hoping to improve your employee self service with your new system, comprehensive training for all will really help things along.

  5. Keep “How to” Documents at Hand
  6. Whether you keep a company wiki page or you go old school and keep physical instruction and training manuals on hand in your HR offices, you need to provide your employees with an easy way to look up any questions they might have when using your new easy accounting software suite. This will save your general employees and your HR team a lot of time, headache, and lost productivity.

Are you an HR professional? What tips would you give our readers to help smooth over the implementation of their HR systems? Good references here.

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