How The Android Security Model Protects BYOD Devices

Android management

The Android or Droid operating system is primarily used for tablets and mobile devices because it has significant touch screen capabilities. It has taken over these segments due to its ease of use and its effectiveness. However, particularly for companies just having an Android in the enterprise without having an Android device management system can quickly lead to problems with security.

An Android management system, therefore, should have a strong Android security model to offer quality protection when needed, particularly in corporate environments where more and more employees are using their own devices at work, with 81 percent using at least one of their own electronic devices for work. About 25 percent of the corporate sector today is allowing BYOD policies but do not have any formal Android security model to protect data. Employees like these BYOD policies because they get to pick the device they wish to use and can carry just one device instead of several. Plus, they choose the interface with which they are most familiar. But companies struggle because while 70 percent of these smart phone users check their work emails outside of normal business hours, these company owners are leaving this information unprotected.

Fortunately, the Android security model is there to solve these problems for employers. By employing a strong Android security model in the workplace, companies instantly offer security where there was none before. Employees still get to use their own devices and are happy about that, and now those devices are better protected.
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