Get Great Mobile Health Care Apps for Your Hospital

Mobile health technology

Do you manage at a hospital or health care facility? If so, then you know importance of keeping patient information safe and confidential, in keeping with HIPAA regulations. More specifically, Title II in the legislation lays the framework for standards nationwide that health care workers, insurance providers, and others in the field must adhere to with regard to electronic health records.

Essentially, this means that you must ensure that your organization uses HIPAA secure email, HIPAA text messaging, as well as medical mobile apps that have the appropriate security measures in place.

Is texting secure at your hospital? Be sure by using mobile healthcare applications that are specifically designed for data encryption, which enables it to be in accordance with HIPAA.

One issue that you may come across involves a “bring-your-own-device” policy for health care employees. This is also known as BYOD. If individuals are using their own devices to share sensitive health information with colleagues, it is critical that these smart phones, regular cell phones, and tablets are checked and installed with necessaray software or apps to make them HIPAA-approved.

If you have more questions like “Is texting secure at my health care facility?” or you simply have comments or recommendations for other colleagues in the health care industry, you may share them in the forum below. Continue reading here.

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