Five Facts About the Damaging Effects of Spotty Computer Protection

Miami computer support

A recent U.S. study of 583 companies within the nation reported that 90 percent of the company computers had been hacked within the past 12 months. In fact, billions of dollars are spent annually to repair computer systems that have been harmed by cyber attacks including viruses, with an estimated $114 billion spent each year on global crime. Most of which could have been prevented by proper Miami tech support or computer service miami.

Spam alone annually costs businesses $20.5 billion in technical and decreased productivity expenses. The biggest sources of spam are Asia at 44 percent and Latin America at 21 percent of the amount of spam sent out to computers. Computer service Miami companies can help lower you risk of computer viruses, malware and malicious cyber attacks. IT support Miami and Miami computer support can help set up antivirus and antimalware software to better protect company computers. It consulting miami can also work with companies to make sure they understand how to keep their businesses safe from hackers.

IT support Florida can help business owners be more cautious in their online ventures, and offer assistance whenever a problem arises. Basically, utilizing the services of computer service Miami can help decrease the amount of money spent repairing computer systems by preventing the problem. Proper computer service miami can fix what spotty coverage missed and prevent future loss.

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