Are You Ready for 2014’s Huge Growth in eCommerce Spending?

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If current estimates hold true, 2014 is set to be the biggest year for eCommerce spending yet. According to statistics from eMarketer, web surfers across the world will spend $1.5 trillion on goods and services across the internet this year. How can you tap into that growing web revenue potential?

In the end, it all comes down to your website design, or, specifically, your focus on custom eCommerce solutions in your web design. How you handle your custom eCommerce solutions is crucial to making it easy to find your products, making your consumer feel secure, and to ultimately making a sale. If that sounds like a lot of work to you, you should know that it doesn’t have to be. Just follow these tips to smart eCommmerce website design, and your chances of finding success online this year will skyrocket.

Four Tips for Building Effective Custom eCommerce Solutions

  1. Your Web Design Needs to Be Customer Oriented
  2. As writes, any eCommerce website with a shot at building a customer-base focuses on providing its users with a great experience. In other words, it’s easy to find products, contact customer service, and make a purchase. If your eCommerce website lacks any one of these things, your sales are going to suffer.

  3. Approach Your Web Design as a Skeptical Customer
  4. For MOZ, a renowned source for all things web marketing, the top ecommerce solutions are those that have been built through the eyes of the consumer. As your web designer is building your page, ask yourself: is there anything I’m leaving out that my customers will need? Do I make it easy to return products? Do I give the impression that I deliver on time? Think of your site as a skeptical customer would. Role-playing a customer in this way can really help you build a stronger site.

  5. Make It Clear Customer Safety is a Priority
  6. According to Symantec, one million people across the world are made victims of cybercrime every day. Cybercrime poses a unique challenge to online stores, as customers are increasingly wary of their information being stolen during a purchase. By providing proof to your customers that your transactions are encrypted with SSL or other high-end security system, you can help put potential buyers at ease.

  7. Optimize Your Product URLs
  8. Did you know that you should not only be working keywords into your website copy, blog content, and product descriptions but also into your product URLs? As Designer-Daily suggests, writing smart, descriptive URLs can help draw traffic to individual product pages, making it more likely you’ll see some sales revenue online.

Spending on eCommerce is on an upward tear, and it doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon. Follow these tips, and prepare your website for an ever more internet-connected age. In the future, custom eCommerce solutions may be your only solution for running a profitable business, after all. Learn more at this link.

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