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IT managed services are quickly becoming the de facto way for today’s companies and enterprises to maintain a high level of technological capability for less. In fact, by the end of 2014, American companies spent an amazing $13 billion on cloud computing and managed services! No matter what your company’s industry or sector, it’s possible to benefit immensely by outsourcing your IT needs to an external IT managed services provider.

Still not sure if your company should seek out the help of IT managed services providers? Take a look at these three ways IT compliance and managed services can make your company successful:

Control your company’s IT costs

Employing a full-time IT department can quickly become expensive, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have many IT needs. With managed services, you only pay your IT managed services providers for the services you need, whether it’s one hour of work or 40. The ability to control IT costs so closely is one of the key advantages of managed services.

Round-the-clock support and quick implementations

With IT managed services, you can have any questions and concerns answered no matter what time of the day it is — service and support are available 24/7, 365 days out of the year. In addition, IT professionals from your managed services provider who implement new software or technology will do so quickly and correctly the first time, saving you downtime and keeping your business running.

The network security your company needs

A growing concern among businesses of all sizes is how to ensure adequate network security to avoid the occurrence of a data breach. With managed services, you can be assured that your IT systems will be secure against hacks and breaches. Your managed services provider will also help you follow compliance mandates like HIPAA and FISMA, which require companies to take the necessary steps to protect sensitive information in their databases.

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