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More and more businesses, organizations and companies are seeing why it’s a good idea to use cloud computing services. In fact, the average company today will use 545 different cloud computing services on average!

So if your business or company is thinking about switching to cloud computing, you’re probably looking to go with the best cloud computing service provider you can find.

Will you be choosing the best cloud computing solutions provider that you could be choosing? To make sure you go with the right choice, use these three tips during your search:

Look at the provider’s experience with the market

When choosing your cloud service provider, it’s important to take the provider’s reputation and years of experience into account. Ideally, the provider will be well-respected and will have several years of providing cloud solutions to customers. While brand-new cloud service providers aren’t necessarily a bad choice, it can be difficult to tell how successful they will be when working with your business.

Read customer reviews

As with most other things, a great resource to find an unbiased account of a product or service is to read customer reviews online. Free of marketing jargon and PR talking points, these reviews should do a good job of depicting which cloud computing providers are the best — and which leave much to be desired.

Choose a service provider that offers the services you need

Not all of the best cloud computing providers offer the services that your business is even looking for. For example, some service providers may offer VoIP and Internet phone system services, while others may not. You should go with the best cloud computing company that can offer all the cloud computing services your business will need to succeed.

Have any other good tips for finding the best cloud hosting providers? Share with us and your fellow readers in the comments below. Continue your research here: local.cbeyond.com

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