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With 93% of all online experiences still starting with a search engine, effectively implementing general and local search engine optimization techniques is more important than ever. That said, what if you don’t have any idea where you should start with an effective SEO campaign? You don’t have to immediately turn to SEO services. First, you can try using some of the simplest but most effective techniques SEO services use. If that doesn’t work, then you should consider professional help.

Four Professional Search Engine Optimization Strategies You Need to Be Using Right Now

  1. Get Rid of Apocryphal Links
  2. As Search Engine Journal details, one of the worst things that can happen to your company online is erroneous links, more commonly known as apocryphal links, pulling traffic away from your actual site. Using your content management system or Google Webmaster tools, you can detect these erroneous links and fix them, thereby ensuring that any traffic that’s meant for your company actually goes to your company.

  3. It’s All About the Basics
  4. The popular online technology newspaper CIO probably put it best when they said that “SEO basics will never go away.” The basics of SEO? Writing great content and connecting with your audience. If you’re consistently failing to put out readable, engaging, and interesting content, you’re failing at the most basic level. Make content a priority, and you’ll be surprised just how fast your fortunes turn around.

  5. Make Mobile a Priority
  6. It might sound like hyperbole, but if your business is still not paying adequate attention to the mobile market, your doors aren’t going to be open very long. As Entrepreneur writes, more than 50% of all Americans have a smartphone. Every day that goes by brings with it more people who are using their mobile device as their exclusive shopping platform. In other words, if your website makes it overly difficult to shop on a tablet or smartphone, chances are you’re going to drive away an increasingly important demographic.

  7. Local SEO Strategies Should Be at the Top of Your List
  8. As the mobile market has evolved, writes Search Engine Land, more and more people have begun using localized search terms to find their local businesses. Subsequently, you need to make sure you’re taking steps that will make it easier for your company to be found in local searches. Including your business information in your website footer, optimizing your URLs, and using the best keywords for your business will all help generate local buzz for your biz, which is why SEO company services are increasingly putting more time and effort into localized services.

Do you have experience working with SEO services? What are some of the techniques they helped you use for success online? Let us know in the comment section below. More can be found here:

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