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In 2014, there are more options available for cloud solutions than ever before. This goes for dedicated server hosting as well — in which you pay a cloud provider to host your data on a remote server that no other customers share with you.

A dedicated server offers immense security advantages over an in-house server, and you can benefit from more office space and better cost-efficiency as well.

Looking to make your business’ switch over to cloud computing a little more cost-efficient? Check out these three tips for finding the most affordable dedicated server hosting services:

Consider getting a plan with less storage

As a small business, you may not even need a storage plan like that of a bigger business. Therefore, a great way to make your dedicated server plan a more affordable dedicated server is to decrease the number of terabytes you get. And if your business ends up growing, it’s extremely easy to increase the amount of storage on your dedicated server.

Ask around for recommendations

If you have colleagues or coworkers with experience in cloud computing and choosing cloud hosting options, it’s a good idea to ask them where to find a dedicated server provider that doesn’t charge much. They may offer you suggestions that you’d never even thought of pursuing before!

Consider the benefits of public cloud solution providers

While public servers aren’t as secure as an affordable dedicated server might be, they’re still heavily protected with firewalls and encryption to prevent the occurrence of data breaches. All the major public cloud service providers — Google, Amazon and Microsoft — all offer extremely affordable server space with much of the security that a dedicated server might have.

Have any other advice or tips on finding the best cloud hosting at the best price? Share with your fellow readers in the comments! Great references here.

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