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Ever since the Internet was first introduced, people have been drawn to its unique ability to connect people from all different parts of the world with just the click of the button. Today, we rely on the Internet for a number of daily activities, and most businesses now have websites to make company information more accessible to consumers through the Internet. Without the Internet, we would not be able to surf the World Wide Web or use web servers to perform a variety of tasks that are necessary on a daily basis.

What is a Web Server?

Web servers use Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, to communicate with clients and connect them with various web pages. A client can type in a request to a web server using HTTP, such as typing a web address into a browser, allowing the web server to retrieve the request site. While web servers are typically used to provide clients with content, they can also store and upload files.

What are Some Different Types of Web Servers?

  1. Host Websites – Web servers were originally designed to host websites for clients. This means reading the HTTP request from a client and bringing them the correct website. If the web server is unable to find the requested website, it displays an error message.
  2. FTP Servers and SFTP Servers- Another way that web servers can be used is for easy file transfer services. Managed file transfer allows clients to share files over a server and upload and download information, even from remote locations.
  3. Data Storage – Web servers can also be used to store data, as opposed to storing it on a dedicated server. One of the advantages of storing data on the web is that it can be accessed from anywhere that there is an Internet connection. It also allows for virtually unlimited storage space.
  4. Email – One more use of web servers is to manage email accounts. Email web servers allow you to access a personal email account and communicate with people all around the world through digital messages.

Different types of web servers have all kinds of applications, and they make accessing, storing and sending information faster and more efficient. Read more blogs like this. Helpful research also found here.

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