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Within the past several years, cloud technology evolved from a fringe technology that a few large businesses were using, to a mainstream service that both small and large companies alike have learned to rely on for handling everyday data, and for increasing internal efficiency.

Today, the average organization uses over 500 different cloud computing services, and IT spending for cloud services has been consistently increasing over the past few years. Over 60% of server workloads in the U.S. are now virtualized.

Although many companies are simply using cloud for maintenance and operations, some are experimenting further with what cloud can do for them. Here are three current examples of cloud computing being used in the real world.

1. The Bay Area Rapid Transit

The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit — also known as BART — uses a wireless network to deliver cell phone service to riders when they are located underground. BART handles about 400,000 commuters each day. In order to deliver their pilot mobile app months ahead of time, BART used cloud hosting services, which allowed the app developers to develop the project in a more efficient way.

2. US Open Tennis Championships

From the end of August through early September, the US Open Tennis Championships will be taking place. The United States Tennis Association is now powering its services through the use of cloud computing solutions. Why? Typically, receives high levels of traffic during this period that it does not experience at other times of the year. Rather than have the hardware to accommodate this high level of usage year round, cloud technology allows the company to expand and contract in response to the number of fans attempting to access the site and its technology.

3. El Corte Ingles

El Corte Ingles is currently the largest department store in Europe, with profits of €275 million in 2013. El Corte Ingles is using cloud hosting services to expand their online offerings for customers. By using cloud, they are able to employ real time services that, for example, can offer pricing and discounts that are up-to-date by the minute. This not only makes shopping a more convenient experience for customers, but it also cuts supply chain costs by allowing El Corte Ingles to keep better track of current inventory levels.

Do you know of any innovative uses of cloud solutions? Let us know in the comments.
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