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According to WantChinaTimes, there has been a growing demand for big-data cloud services thanks to demand for them from government agencies.

Many of China’s regional governments are now using various types of cloud computing projects in order to accomplish everyday tasks, and for the running of important websites that provide information and options to residents.

Zhejiang Government Switches to Cloud

On June 26, a Zhejiang government affairs service platform that was built using Alibaba’s cloud computing solutions was the first website in the country that dealt with provincial government affairs, while using cloud technology based services. A company spokesperson from Alibaba, Chen Jinpei, said that the Zhejiang government decided to use the platform because of its flexibility.

Cloud Eliminates Frozen Platform Issues

An issue with many government websites in China is that during peak usage hours, the websites often become paralyzed. Not only does this prevent users from accessing the information and services they need, but it also leads to wasted resources. Cloud hosting can help to reduce the strain on traditional hardware.

During the November shopping festival last year, for example, the cloud solutions platform Zhejiang is now using was able to handle an influx of 188 million orders — and many more users — without incurring any errors. It’s this type of flexibility that the government was searching for. An additional benefit, as Jinpei points out, is that by using cloud, Zhejiang does not need to invest in acquiring additional land for the purpose of keeping hardware servers there.

Cloud Platform Responds to Security Concerns

Although many users have expressed concern over the reliability and security of cloud computing, Chen says that Alibaba has a team of over 100 people that will be handling security and protection for the online services.

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